you can build Expedition Strongholds to get some Rewards like copper coins, gold etc.. go to the map and click on an empty field (blank lvl 0) tap on build and you have 2 options.

there are differents in the different server Systems.  v1/2 need 100k resources. v4 need 500k 

there are some informations about that what you need, how much Construction points you need and how long it needs (tap on the arrow right side) depend on which prestige level you are you will have more Constructionpoints.

from lvl 5 = 1 Construction point
from lvl 10 = 2 Construction points
from lvl 15 = 3 Construction points
from lvl 20 = 4 Construction points
from lvl 25 = 5 Construction points
from lvl 30 = 6 Construction points
from lvl 35 = 7 Construction points
from lvl 40 = 8 Construction points
from lvl 45 = 9 Construction points
from lvl 50 = 10 Construction points
from lvl 55 = 11 Construction points

you can see how many CP you have in your Profile ingame. tap on your name in the left side and scroll down.

each Expedition base need 2 points and each exp. Stronghold need 1 point and both will need 500k or 100k resources from each type. look at the picture.

how to build exp bases and exp strongholds? 

build at first an Expedition base cause you need coordinates for your exp. strongholds. IF YOU DONT HAVE THE COORDINATES YOU CANT BUILD THIS STRONGHOLDS YOUR SEARCH AFTER 6H WILL BE UNSUCCESSFUL.

after 15mins you will get reports in your mailbox. open it and you will see 6 coordinates (always 6) the first coordinate is your base, there you cant search successful so take the other 5.

1 Report = 5 exp strongholds.

tap on a coordinate, that will bring you directly to the place where you have to build. repeat this steps till your Construction points are full.

you can also build 2 exp bases but pay attention to the distance between both bases otherwise you will have the same coordinates in your second report.

your exp strongholds need 6h. after 2h you can see the first item that you get ( on the map), after 4h you can see the second and if your exp stronghold is been ready you can see all 3 Items in your report. the Reports are in your mailbox, tap on it and press claim prize.

take a look in your inventory, there you can see an item that name is old purse

in that are copper coins and gold.
Every day you can claim maximum 6gc !!!!!