here are some advices what you can do with it and how is it working.

when you open the market you can see 4 tabs.

Caravanthere you can see in which city you are. (Local is your own city) you will see the time how long you need till you reach to the next city or back, you can see your caravan capicity (atm not higher than 200) and you have the both options “Trade” and “Dispatch”

Warehouse: in your warehouse you can see your warehouse capacity (atm not higher than 1000 units) you will see your resources u have and your Gods. It isnt possible to have more in your warehouse as displayed in warehouse capacity. You see how many Dinary you have.

Trade record: it is your overview about bought or sold resources and Gods.

report: you can decide if you want to sent troops with your caravan (you can raid other caravans or defend your own), fights are listed there including what you could get or other got.


Wilds/ resources/ Goods

on the map are different Wilds which you need for the production of Goods. Each City has 4 Goods.

City and which Resources 

Chang’An= Clay, Marble, Lamb, Salt

Hanyang= Honeycomb, Fish, Grape, Flax

Venice= Marble, Lamb, Salt, Honeycomb

Londinium= Fish, Grape, Flax, Clay

Constantinople= lamb, Salt, honey, Fish

Rome= Grapes, Flax, Clay, Marble

Babylon= Salt, Honeycomb, Fish, Grape

Persepolis= Flax, Clay, Marble, lamb

these are the resources that you can bring to the different cities for their production.

How to sent a caravan

  • tap on the market and beload your caravan  (its important otherwise you cant enter the city)
  • tap to dispatch and choose the City which you want to vist
  • choose between sent troops too or not
  • wait till caravan reached the City

if you made a Mistake and sent your caravan wrong its also possible to call them back, you just need to click to cancel. (your caravan need longer even if you marched just some seconds).

if your coords are in the near to the City which you need your march time is reduced. If you are direct beside the City your march time will be between 15min-16min. depends where you are.


In the City

in the City you find some options and some informations. On the left side Construction, wealth, stability. The more wealth you have the more Gods you can produce, this points increase automatically after you visit a city.

on the right side the
first point


there you find the Gods which are produce (different cities, different Gods)

2nd point

Market exchange, Pawnshop, dragon merchant

Market exchange: you can sell your resources or buy Gods ( Gods you can sell in other cities). for selling resources you get Dinary. how much you get is different.

Pawnshop: you can buy some gifts for your heroes in tavern, you can also buy Forging Stones or the Items which you need to awake your heroes (pay attention to discription) the arts which u can buy can you sell there too. every hour the pawnshops inventory will be refreshed. you can Use Gold to refresh your inventory. you need 30g

Dragon merchant: trade your resources (Stone, Iron, Food and wood) against dragon coins. Dragon coins you can trade against equipment Material.

3rd point

Tavern and suppress rebells

in Tavern you will met heroes. the heroes will be refreshed every 4 hours. You can Use Gold for refresh and have to pay 20gc.

Made your hero a gift and increase the relationship. after you made a gift you have to wait till the hero comes next time, you can just sent 1 gift.

5* Heroes need 200 pts.                                 6* heroes need 400 pts.

tap on the hero you want and choose. for buy around you have to pay 100g. give gift will open your inventory where u bought your arts before. different Items give different relationship points.

under the point Relationship you will find your heroes and can see the points. its also possible to search the hero which you want. the time is 24hours after them your Hero appears in market for the next 24 hours.

for 5* heroes you have to pay 25000 dinary and 500 hero Fragments.                   for 6* heroes you need 100000 Dinary and 2000 hero Fragments.

additionally information to get more Forging Stones. 

First way

1- Hold 2 different type of resources wilderness

2- Each resource must have 4 market that is buying it.

3- move to 1 market each round to sell the 1 resources that this market need.

4- buy from pawnshop a forging stone

5 – repeat step 3 and 4 until you visited all 8 market

Second way

1- Hold 2 same resources wilderness

2- make sure at least 4 market buy those resources from you

3- buy forging stone each time and move to the next market

4- repeat the 3rd step

These 2 ways  will allow you to get at least 6- 8 forging stones every 5 hours