the max. growth from a purple Hero is 139 (thats just for v4). In total you need 8 White heroes. In your rebirth menu are two different kinds of hero settings, the first tab is your Main Hero, the second tab is your Material hero. your Material hero should ALWAYS be lvl 90. its important for the growth Transmission. A lvl 90 Material Hero will give your Main Hero 30% of the growth. this Rule is just valid till your Hero reached Purple.

% calculation till purple for the Material Hero 

  • lvl 30-59 = 10%  growth  from Material Hero
  • lvl 60-89 = 20% growth from Material Hero
  • from lvl 90 = 30% growth from Material Hero  

the level which need your Main Hero to make a rebirth 

  • for first rebirth your Hero should be white and minimum lvl 30
  • for second rebirth your Hero should be green and min. lvl 60
  • for third rebirth your Hero should be blue and min. lvl 90

if you dont have the min. Level it isnt possible to make a rebirth. please always remember. 

if you want to be sure like the most Players level all heroes until they reached level 90.

Perfect Rebirth from the beginning 

– White Hero lvl 30 (growth 64) + White Hero lvl 90 (growth 64) = green Hero (growth 83)

– do the same with the other white Heroes. Now you should have 4 green heroes with growth 83. 83 is the max growth on a green rebirthed hero.

-now you need 2 green heroes. Main Hero lvl 60 minimum (growth 83) and Material hero lvl 90 (growth 83) = blue Hero growth 107.

-do this with your 2 other green Heroes and you should have 2 blue Heroes with growth 107. 107 is perfect growth for blue rebirthed heroes

-now bring your Main Hero (growth 107) and your Material Hero (growth 107) up to lvl 90 and make the Rebirth.

-Your Hero has now the perfect purple Rebirth

additionally information

you can keep with gold the lvl from your Main Hero

-for green 10 gold

-for blue 20 gold

-for purple 50 gold

Normal Rebirth till perfect purple Hero

for this way you will need also 8 heroes in total. the Normal Way is as follows.

White + White = Green + White = Blue + White = purple ( 4 Heroes)

– White growth 64 + White growth 64 = green growth 83 + White growth 64 = blue growth 102 + White growth 64 = purple growth 121…

Pls pay attention to the lvl of the heroes, it is still important!!!! Now you have a normal rebirthed purple hero growth 121 but you need growth 139. that means there are missing 18 points. repeat the steps till you have a 2nd purple hero With growth 121 and made a rebirth, your Hero now has 139

*Please note* the rules After 3rd (purple) rebirth are changing.

here the % you need to use for your calculation.

For example: purple hero growth 121 and you want to make a rebirth again with a white hero lvl 90 ( growth 64) cause of the change u have to calculate like this.

64×8÷100= *5,12* or 64×0,08= *5,12*

that means your growth  will increase with a white hero (growth 64) + 5

121 + 5= 126

For example growth 121 and a rebirth with a green lvl 90 ( growth 83)

pay attention to the %. green means 1 rebirth and lvl 90 so u have to calculate it with 11%

83×11÷100= *9,13* 83×0,11= *9,13*

your growth will increase + 9 with a green hero

121+9= 130

If u do it like here you dont need more than 8 Heroes in Total. You can choose between normal rebirth or perfect from the beginning. you will get the 139 growth ( for 6☆ heroes)